Lime cascade to water

River Wieseck in Wilhelminian sand stone.

Café de Paris

Café de Paris. © Voigt/direktfoto

Gießen, 24.06.2017: Riparian Café de Paris established at river Wieseck, that was redirected, enclosed in wall and aggradations for building land in 19. century.

Only today river Wieseck awakes to rising diversity in wall protected river bed biotope with flow slowing stones of Local Agenda 21. Grey herons, canards, birds move from flood plain Lahnaue, that was saved by citizens' initiatives from gravel extraction in the 1990s, on the stones, fly through the 150 year old trees, new bushes, weeds into the city center and then into flood plain Wieseckaue, renaturalized since 1990s by Local Agenda 21.