Dr. Dorothea von Ritter-Röhr

Psychoanalyst speaks about self-responsibility.

[Translate to English:] Speech to the students, Church Place.

Speech to the students, Church Place. © Voigt/direktfoto

Dr. Dorothea von Ritter-Röhr, psychoanalyst, Horst-Eberhard-Richter-Institute of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, speaks about self-responsibility, self-organisation, attitude, environment, our planet, RTL-filmed, on the city-wide Fridays For Future event and manifestation 20.09.2019.

Dr. von Ritter-Röhr founded with other women 2018 the "Grandmas against the Far Right Gießen", they are guests of the pupils, take part in shaping Fridays For Future demonstration event.