Roots of freedom

Only utopia is reality

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Dannenrod, Hassia, 20.11.2020: Dannenrod forest occupation, no highway A 49, Wood instead of asphalt. Tree house settlements occupy since one year the forest against deforestation for a highway, that will be constructed through 250 years old healthy mixed forest, water conservation area, and Herrenwald, european nature reserve.

Forest rebels construct the utopia of life philosophy of freedom, equality on oak roots.

The realisation of the utopia, the unacceptance of real climate change, overcome of paternalism society, development towards a society, that takes all factors into account and does not anymore threaten positives with defeat, will dry up without realisation like the trees without water.

One german root of freedom, art in everyday life, vision, closeness to nature, was the "Bauhaus". It constructed houses too, for living, in settlements, nature within.

The  treehouses ("Baumhäuser"), at the beginning only protest action, fast epanded to live in, developed to many constructed tree house villages in the forest. The visionary tree house rebels, one can only hope, that further they can rely on all roots of freedom, nature, art, advance.