Weimar Republic Commemoration

Equal Rights Open Society at Sphere Fountain

Grandmas against the Far Right

Grandmas against the Far Right. © Voigt/direktfoto

Gießen, Germany, 09.11.2019: The Grandmas commemorate the Jewish, Sinti and Roma, Jeni, politically persecuted, disabled, other Giessen citizens, who were deported by the Nazis. The Grandmas against the Far Right, in Giessen society domiciled in psychoanalysis, science, politics, education, economy, art and culture, administration strengthen the free equal rights open society, democracy against offenses, as the Nazis, that banned, forced into line science, psychoanalysis, administration, art and culture, education, politics, economy, ended the defenseless open society, democracy Weimar Republic. The Grandmas recite the names of 154 after the end of Weimar Republic deported citizens, poems, songs.