Vera Bonica

Sea-rescuer, activist "Cities of Safe Harbours", Grandmas against the Far Right

Discussion Walltor-street-festival

Discussion Walltor-street-festival. © Voigt/direktfoto

Vera Bonica, Seebrücke, Grandmas against the Far Right, speaks about international sea rescue, reception of refugees in municipalities, that with support of international movement Seebrücke allied as "Cities of Safe Harbours", Walltor-Street-Festival 24.05.2019.

Bonica as nurse and activist 2019 took part in a rescue operation for saving lives of migrants in distress at sea on board of the Sea-Eye rescue ship Alan Kurdi.

Bonica as activist of Seebrücke 2020 attended Gießen to be member of "Cities of Safe Harbours".