Second Renaissance

Bridge of love over shady weeds

Berührt durch renaturiertes Grün. © Voigt/direktfoto

Berührt durch renaturiertes Grün. © Voigt/direktfoto

Linden tree on gründerzeit sandstone wall, that weeds overgrown at river bank ports a quay to the Town Hall and the bridge over the weeds to the concrete Congress Hall, turns her branches towards a floating meeting hall cube of Congress Hall.

Dialectic of Enlightenment or rapprochement, gründerzeit citizen houses, concrete bridge, floating citizen event hall? Second Renaissance grafitto „love is the answer“.

Gießen, 12.06.2020 – city layout Löberstraße, 1870s, improved citizens living & working – Congress Hall, open, airy building like swedish people's houses of the 1960s ameliorated the citizens communication.